Stability Disc with Pump Included (RED)


IRIS Air Stability Wobble Cushion,33 cm/13 inch Diameter, Balance Disc, Pump Included (Red)


IRIS Stability Disc Air Stability  Board 33 cm/13 inch Diameter, Balance Disc, Pump Included (RED)

  • – EXPERIENCE THE VERSATILITY: Firstly this balance stability cushion works as a great wiggle seat for kids to help them stay still. Can be discreetly used on your office chair instead of a conspicuous balancing ball to improve posture and help manage back, neck & hip pain. or can be introduced into any workout regimen to strengthen the core, engage stabilizer muscles, improve coordination, aid in physical therapy and so much more.
  • – UNIQUE TEXTURED SURFACES: Secondly we’ve thoughtfully designed our antis-slip core balance chair cushion with 2 differently-textured surfaces to suit your needs. One side has small bumps that’s great for anyone looking for a smoother surface to sit on.While the other side of the air stability wobble cushion has more pronounced nubs that are great for massaging your back while seated or offering great tactile feedback.
  • – FREE AIR PUMP: Thirdly no struggling to get your wobble seat for adults and kids inflated. We’ve included a free needle air pump that plumps up the fitness stability cushion in a snap. Our wiggle seat cushion is 13” / 33 cm in diameter and 1.57” / 4 cm in height to easily fit on most chairs, and is completely free of phosphates. Or heavy metals for an eco conscious touch.
  • – ENHANCE YOUR WORKOUTS: Introduce challenging balance into your workouts with a thoughtfully-designed exercise stability cushion. Our wobbly inflated fitness discs cause your core and stabilizing muscles to work harder. Making every rep of your crunches and every hold of your planks that much more rewarding. Sized at 13” in diameter to suit both men and women.

Stability Disc:-

Balance mat

Double-Sided Massage Points:-

  • The front side massage points are gentler, they provide low-strength. Massage and increase stably anti-slip performance.
  • The back side massage points provide high-strength massage. Relieving muscle and enhancing the body’s perception.

Stability Disc Easy to Set up:-

  •  Firstly a pump is included in the package for you to inflate. 
  • It and start to exercise yourself quickly and easily!
  • Please note that do not inflate.
  • Inflating it to flat shape will be the best.


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