Compression Socks For Swelling, Phlebitis, Varicose Veins, (2pc)


IRIS Medical Knee High Open Toe Compression Stocks (Women&Men) Firm Support 20-30mmHg,Graduated Toeless Knee Support Stockings Hose for Swelling,Varicose Veins,Lymphedema(2 pc)


IRIS Compression Socks Medical Knee High Open Toe Compression Socks (Women & Men) Firm Support 20-30mmHg,Graduated Toeless Knee Support Stockings Hose for Swelling, Varicose Veins, Lymphedema (2pc)

  • Why choose IRIS Compression? Utilizing specialized fabricating machinery and medical grade fabrics we are able to create a high quality compression Socks
  • Breathable open-toe for comfortable fit and defined knit-in heel for proper fit and with durable support
  • Massages and energizes tired, achy legs and helps prevent and treat: fatigue, pain, stiffness, soreness, swelling, cramps, shin splints, varicose veins, lymphedema, phlebitis, DVT (deep vein thrombosis), blood clots and plantar fasciitis.
  • Comfortable for all day, everyday use. Premium stay up top leaves no marks. Ideal thickness to fit any shoe. Discreet and stylish design for walking, sitting, standing, travel and all attire from casual to work, dress or formal.
  • Silky, smooth-knit texture and soft stay-up top designed for wearing comfort; flexible but snug fit ensures stocking remains in place throughout the day.

Compression Socks:-

IRIS Compression Knee high 15-20 MM-HG 20-30 mm-Hg. Firstly Seamless circular knit for a soft, silky look and comfortable feel. Lightweight fashionable look. IRIS is lightweight, comfortable and highly effective in optimizing leg health. Moreover all products are designed and engineered with your comfort in mind. Absolute support delivers physician-prescribed elastic compression therapy guaranteed. Just like the big name “brands”, we take 4-6 compression measurements at precise intervals between the ankle and end of garment. Multiple measurements guarantee our garments are comfortable and deliver an accurate distribution of the pressure gradient.


  1. Firstly absolutes Advanced Comfort gives the stockings a cool feel Moves the moisture trapped on the skin to the outside of the stocking so evaporation and cooling can occur.
  2. Secondly an exceptional combination of comfortable, stylish therapeutic leg wear.
  3. Thirdly this Brilliant color allow medical therapy to be fashionable with unparalleled sheerness without sacrificing durability.
  4. The soft yarn construction makes Ultra Sheer easier to put on and take off.

Note: Firstly it’s imperative that the garment is washed after each use. Washing brings back the elasticity to the garment. Secondly we recommend to hand wash in warm water and air dry. You can a use mild soap. Mix the water with your hand to circulate the soap. Thirdly after soaking, gently rub the stockings to remove dirt and oil. Squeeze them out and rinse to remove any soap. Moreover Be sure to squeeze them gently and do not pull the stockings. Rinse socks/sleeves out until all soap is removed.. Hang dry. Do not place near heat.


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