Calf Support For Muscle Pain Relief


The highly breathable Care calf support is perfect for all day use when more flexibility or comfort is needed. It is designed to prevent and help relieve pain caused by overuse injuries, strains, tears and mild shin splints.


  • IRIS Care Calf Support, Band – Light, Elastic & Breathable Fabric – Muscle Relief – Medium Compression (Pack of 2)

    ✔ COMPRESSION THERAPY TECHNOLOGY – Provides true graduated compression to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow. Prevents injuries such as cramping, fatigue, soreness and swelling. Perfect for muscle recovery, spider, varicose veins and diabetic. Nursing mothers to Extreme Athletes – Everyone will Benefit.

  • ✔ DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY USE – Bring more energy into your feet. Design for extra support of the posterior & anterior calf muscles & Achilles tendon. Pin-point compression provides targeted support where it is needed the most. It’s perfect for jobs that require you to be on your feet a lot. It’s a must have for any leg intensive activity such as Marathon, Walking, Jogging, Running, Hiking, Gym Fitness Training, Basketball, Cycling, Weightlifting and more. Perfect for extreme races and long runs!
  • ✔ ONE SIZE FITS MOST. Fully adjustable for superior support and fits either the right or the left leg. From a wide range of body types to any appropriate age and event this brace will provide a comfortable and snug fit for both men and women. This model works well for either the RIGHT or LEFT calf.
  • ✔ EFFECTIVE INJURY SUPPORT. Meticulously designed to provide support to the calf and shin from former injuries such as sprain, strain, medial tibial stress syndrome and more, aid in the prevention of further injuries, and provide therapeutic compression on an already injured shin or calf sustained from athletic or occupational activities. 40% cotton, 30% nylon, 30% latex thread. – ECO-FRIENDLY Reduced Packaging.

Calf Support:-

You need a calf support that is comfortable, not cumbersome while maintaining flexibility?  Sizes Internal circumference: 21cm (8.25inch), Ext. circumference: 22cm (8.75inch), Length (how long it covers on your limb): 19cm (7.5inch) Measurements can very slightly depending on measurement method: +/- 0.6cm (+/-0.25inch) Please also keep in mind that the fabric is stretchable. The supports utilize a SPECIAL KNITTING COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY to provide support to the calf region. The compression also helps to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. It is of course safe, effective, and easy to use. Whether suffering from a calf injury but still need flexibility, or just from everyday use, this calf sleeve is ideal for everyone. It is breathable, comfortable and light weight, it allows to be worn discreetly underneath clothing.



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