Peanut Ball Massager 15 cm x 7 cm (2 PCs)


IRIS Spiky Massage Ball Roller is the perfect to give you an accurate body massage that will help you to: – Relax Muscles – Reduce Tension – Improve Circulation – Remove toxins. But that’s not all, it will also provide you other extra benefits such as: – Plantar Fasciitis Recovery – Stress Reflexology – Myofascial Release – Trigger Point Therapy – Bad Posture Correction – Joint Stiffness Reduction – Flexibility Improvement – Soreness Prevention


IRIS Peanut Ball Massager- Perfect for Plantar Fascistic, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Myocardial Release – Designed to Relieve Stress and Relax Tight Muscles, Size: 15 cm x 7 cm (2 PCs)

  • 🏆STOPS PAIN INSTANTLY: Our therapeutic Spiky Peanut Massager is designated for Plantar Fascists, Diabetic Blood Circulation Issues, Nephropathy, Arthritis, Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hand, Heel, Flat Feet. Sole & Arch Pain & Stress Relief.
  • 🏆PROFESSIONAL TOOL: Our textured foot massage roller is used in physical therapy facilities for deep tissue reflexology, acupressure, myocardial release treatment & acupoint massages. Also, versatility used for yoga, sports and fitness centers for joint stretching exercise and flexibility. Amazing mobility tool for strengthening activities at the gym.
  • 🏆DURABLE SPIKY PEANUT SHAPE: Perfect design plus spikes for a deep tissue massage harder to reach stabilizing muscles. 
  • 🏆ANTI-BURST PVC:- Material with a firmer exterior shell.
  • 🏆RELIEVE BODY PAIN: Such as reducing muscle tension, relaxing never, ease muscle soreness etc. Specifically designed to release tight and uncomfortable muscles. Increase blood circulation relieve tension.
  • 🏆A WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Great for full body massaging, Such as your palms, feet, ankle, arms, neck and back etc. Very runners, office workers, athletes, etc. Provide you with immediate assistance. With this ball while working out for enhance body flexibility and improve balance. Helps to lose wight and sculpture body shape.

Peanut Ball Massager:-


Product Details

Perfect for self, trigger point therapy, and targeted deep tissue massage. The massage ball set can be warmed up in hot water prior to use or be frozen overnight for an effective cooling massage. Great for pre-works, warming up the muscles prior to an activity and for post-works, stretching and releasing tense muscles. It helps to increase blood circulation. It is perfect if you are suffering from swollen feet, bad blood circulation or general muscle tension.


Peanut Ball Massager:-


  • Providing joint mobility, flexibility, and range of motion. Besides reducing muscle pain. It also relaxes and restores fascia. It has a commendable benefit of de-stressing and relaxing the muscles before and after workouts.
  • Low-density muscle roller is convenient to use and very effective at stretching strained muscles and penetrating the soft tissue layer of tired muscles.



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