Muscle Roller To Relieve Muscles Pain Massage Stick


Applicable for all kinds of people, including professional athletes, senior citizen, office workers, and so on. Use before, after and during exercise for relief.


IRIS Fitness Muscle Roller Stick, Muscle Trigger Point Therapy, Relieve Muscles Pains Massage Stick, Self Massage Bar, Yoga Massager 

  • USES.  Firstly, best for Pre Workout, Post Exercise, and Physically Therapy Rehabilitation
  • SAVINGS – Why take pills or pay for an expensive massage? You have the perfect do-it-yourself Muscle Roller that will target sore muscles right where they hurt.
  • BUY TODAY, TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. Secondly, The stick will soothe your aches, if you use as instructed, relief of Neck, Back, Legs, Calves, and Foot Pain.
  • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – Thirdly, and most importantly, running, yoga, cycling, swimming and working out can cause a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles resulting in pain and stiffness. Our massage stick muscle roller leg massage stick tool will allow you to gently work out the pain in your legs hamstrings and back.
  • PORTABLE and ADJUSTABLE –In this paragraph ,Take our leg massager Muscle Roller stick with you wherever you go. Designed especially to reach sore and fatigued muscles on legs, thighs, and feet. However, take it with you anywhere and have immediate relief.  more over, It’s the best of a foam roller without the bulk. A slight tug on the handles loosens the rollers for optimal rolling. Moreover, a push in keeps the rollers tight and solid!

Muscle Roller:

SPORTS ROLLER STICK BUILD UP YOUR BODY AND IMPROVE YOUR STRENGTH! HOW TO USE:  Simple to use! As for pains caused by chronic muscle fatigue, scroll about 40 times each, use several times a day. As for pain and soreness caused by workout, long-time usage of computers, prolonged standing etc.

Can be used on skin or through clothing Waterproof and designed to steel shaft without fear of breaking. Use before, after and during exercise for relief Use on all body parts including neck, back, legs, arms, hips, and shoulders, legs, waist, feet and buttocks.


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