Massage Roller For Muscles Pain Relieve


Applicable for all kinds of people, including professional athletes, senior citizen, office workers, and so on. Use before, after and during exercise for relief.


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  • ✮SATISFACTORY TREATMENT – Firstly, spiky massage roller stick is ideal for deep tissue massaging larger areas of the body such as back, shoulder, waist, neck, thigh, feet, arms, etc. In addition, the massage roller can also target specific trigger points.
  • ✮THERAPEUTIC RELIEF – Secondly, increase blood flow and relax muscles perfect for runners, athletes, therapy or just for relaxing.
  • ✮COMFORT GRIP HANDLES – Ergonomically-designed, the soft cushioned handles eliminate hand pain and prevent slippage when massaging.  Thirdly, and most importantly, Just 5-10 minutes’ treatment per day stimulates blood flow and leaves your skin glowing
  • ✮REDUCE MUSCLE PAIN – Spiked nodules provide deep tissue massage for effective relief and treatment of muscle pain and soreness
  • ✮RELAX TENSE MUSCLES – After running or fitness ,Use Massage Roller massage on the body of the pain have a significant effect. And make your arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen skin smooth and sturdy.

Massage Roller:

 In this paragraph, it works great in helping to roll and smooth out tough skin spots. Moreover, it helps to ease leg pain at night related to restless leg syndrome. Target pressure points, increase circulation and alleviate sore muscles. The Massager allows you to stimulate tissue and promote blood flow through tired, cold muscles.

The specially designed nodules deepen the massage. It help compress and stretch muscles. It makes highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points on cold muscles. In conclusion, Handles include ergonomic grip for added comfort and control. This convenient handheld stick is portable, making it easy to take on the road with you. It includes a downloadable massage guide to help you ease away stress and restore the health of tired and sore muscles. The handheld roller is 18-inch long with 2 grip handles on both ends.


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