Single Position Inflatable Leisure Massage Sofa Simple Flocking Multifunction Inflatable Chair Fold Lazy Sofa Leisure Lounge Chair


IRIS PVC European style Inflatable Small Sofa Electric Full Body Massager Chair For Pain Relief.Features :Vibrating Massage chairs not only ease aches and pains, but can help relaxation and lower stress. Using a massage chair can have a positive effect on both your physical and mental health. -It aligns the spine and reduces pressure on nerves -It relaxes your muscles and helps you to maintain good posture -It relieves stress -It improves your circulation -It stimulates the body’s secretion of endorphins Sales Package Content : 1 Body massager Chair. Instructions – 1: Take the air sofa out of the bag, unfold it and roll it before starting to inflate. The chamber of the air recliner needs to be filled with air. Open the mouth of the room. – 2: Keep the large opening of the chamber while walking or traveling straight into the wind. Quickly shut off the air in the chamber. – 3: Repeat 1 and 2 until the two chambers are filled with approximately 80%. Then, close both ends of the bag until the air is compressed. The tighter the air is pressed, the more the recliner can hold the air. –4: Bend the corners of the mouth until the clips are put together. Buckle the clip and enjoy the new lounge chair! –5: If at home, in order to avoid being tripped, simply turn on the fan or blower, let the wind into the air recliner, and quickly tighten after inflation. ● Note: 1. Since different computers display colors in different ways, the actual project color may be slightly different from the above image. 2. Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3mm to be different. 3. You can’t step on the top; 4. The inflatable massage sofa is an inflatable product. Like a car tire, it requires regular air supply. 5. New products can be filled eight times for the first time. 6. The new air sofa will have a little plastic smell at the beginning. The product has been rigorously tested and has no effect on the human body. Dimensions: 120 x 105 x 98 cm. Project Type: Massage and Relaxation.


  • Luxury Multifunctional Electric Massage Chair, Thickened Inflatable Sofa, Designer Furniture, Powerful Home Massage Armchair. Ergonomics; head and neck rely on, the waist is securely fitted, soothing the leg muscles
  • Flocking fabric is warm and dry, very wear-resistant, durable, has a large elasticity, non-slip wear-resistant, comfortable and breathable, good skin-friendly, harmless to people.Environmental PVC+ flocking surface Electric massage chair
  • Suitable for garden, family living room, outdoor, etc. Used in many occasions, the reasonable structure fully conforms to the body line, enhance your comfort and make you rest more relaxed. Keep the product dry, and do not put it in a humid environment to avoid possible damage and mildew.You Can used this sofa chair like Home Furniture,Living Room Furniture,Camping,Travel.
  • This massager chair is used for massage of full body and pain relief so you can feel relax with massage of this chair. Neck massage effectively relieves neck and back muscle damage caused by improper long-term posture, strain, etc.
  • Lumbar massage effectively relieves lumbar muscle pain caused by long-term standing, lumbar muscle strain, etc.. Applicable people: suitable for both men and women, it is recommended to inflate 8-9 points!


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