Air Pump Sofa Suitable for Home Use


IRIS Multi-functional Lazy Sofa is becoming a popular trend for people to enjoy themselves after their tiring work every day. The MOST impressive highlight of this lazy sofa is the easy transformation from a Normal Floor Sofa to a Comfortable Sleepy Bed. Different levels can be adjusted to meet your favorite posture needs and each level will serve you a specific feeling when seating in. It is great for almost every place, such as living room, bedroom, home office, dorm room, balcony and outdoor space,and suitable for watching TV, play games, working on a laptop or take a nap in it. You won’t be. An enlarged three-in-one valve designed specifically for inflatable beds, making inflation and deflation more rapid and time-saving. The scientific design makes it not only beautiful, but also has the comfort that ordinary inflatable products can’t match. 0.53mm waterproof flocking surface and edges, flocked mattress surface for comfortable use. Precautions 1. In use: When the new product is used for the first time in winter, it needs to be placed at room temperature for more than 4 hours, then open the outer carton and expand the inflation, which can significantly improve the product use time. 2. One person can use enough gas, two people use it to let go of the gas; the season changes, the temperature rises, the gas in the window will expand, pay attention to deflation. 3. Do not inflate at any time (especially in summer), otherwise the belt inside the bed will be overloaded and broken, causing the bed surface to bulge, which cannot be repaired. 4. When the temperature drops, the bed will become soft, pay attention, this is a normal phenomenon, you can regularly. 5. Ensure that the bed or bed frame is flat, without sharp objects such as nails, thorns, key chains, etc., away from fire. Opening size: 193*153*63.5cm Folding size: 153*96.5*88cm


IRIS 3 in 1 Air Pump Sofa Inflatable Double Flocked Sofa, Surface is Make of Flocking Fabric, Soft and Breathable, Wearable, Easy to Take, Space Saving, Suitable for Home Use, Size: 193 x 153 x 63.5 cm

  • ❃THICKENING FLOCKING FABRIC: The surface is make of flocking fabric, with dense suede texture, soft and breathable, close to your skin. So that you can sleep comfortably every day.
  • ❃WEAR-RESISTING MATERIAL: The bottom of the sofa is make of high-grade environmental protection material. It is sturdy, wearable, not easily damaged, and has strong stability. It can be place directly on the ground.
  • ❃ERGONOMIC DESIGN:Scientific health design to effectively protect human health. Firstly easy to take in, easy to carry, ready to use, inflatable at any time, after giving up.
  • ❃SOFA AND BED SWITCH AT WILL: Humanized, space saving, fashionable in appearance, easy to move and easy to use.
  • ❃FLOCKING MATERIAL SURFACE: Flocking material surface due to folding, distortion, scratching and other physical phenomena. Resulting in some such traces, is a normal phenomenon of material properties. Wavy bottom, made of strong thermal carbon polymer, made of PVC body, with anti-wear effect, you can put it directly on the ground.

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