Trampoline Price In India Rs 3,499 [36-Inch]


IRIS Fitness 36-Inch Folding Trampoline


IRIS Fitness Trampoline Price In India Rs 3,499 ; 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

  • 【Easy to Assemble and Disassemble】Firstly trampoline Price In India Detailed manual and complete accessories gives you much assistance in assembling the trampoline well. Due to its folding design, it is also easy to disassemble it for storage.
  • 🔥【High-Resilience Jumping Mat with Powerful Capacity】Secondly the jumping mat are connected to the round edge, which gives powerful support to the jumping mat and the whole trampoline.The jumping mat is made of high-resilience,PP material and is spacious and flat. Which makes you fully enjoy your jumping experience and ensures your safety.
  • 🔥【Metal Legs and Detachable Rubber Feet】Firstly this greatly disperse the weight from the trampoline and person jumping on it. 
  • 🔥【Protective Safety Pad Giving Dual Protection】 The safety pad perfectly cover the trampoline round edge which protects users especially kids from scratching their hands by metal edge and prevent you from hurting your body when falling.
  • 🔥【Indoor and Outdoor Exercise】The size of this trampoline is suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage, which enable you can enjoy your jumping time even though it is rainy.

Trampoline Price In India:-

IRIS Fitness Trampoline Price In India 36-inch Folding Trampoline is an effective. Safe progressive way to exercise at home, the office. Or even when travelling, thanks to a unique design that folds down into smaller components when not in use.

Features – Folding design saves space when not in use – 36-inch diameter, Rugged, all-steel frame construction, Safety pad, Heavy-duty rebounding surface. Thirty-band tension resistance, each band is two inches wide for durability and stability – Detachable rubber-tipped legs.

  • Benefits of Rebound Training Rebound training is challenging, easy on your joints, and lets you slowly progress. At your own speed by adding hand.
  •  Moreover ankle weights to your routine. creating a challenging cardiovascular workout.
  • Best of all for the at-home fitness enthusiast, it doesn’t require a great deal of space or expensive equipment. Simply an open spot of floor. Aid lymphatic circulation.


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