8 Loops Elastic Resistance Exercise Band (Grey+Black)


Fitness Yoga Band, 8 loops,high elasticity, more durable, is the perfect band for correcting shrug, arched back and dance posture! Latin ,Gymnastics ,Full body workout ,Pilates ,warm up etc ,One band can do everything.


  • 🏋【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】 – Stretch resistance band is made of elastic polyester fabric, super elastic, good recovery, elasticity is still good even long-term use.
  • 🏋【CORRECT YOUR SHRUG AND DANCE POSE】 – Stretch band can help you to correct shrug, arched back and spine which is not straight. Correcting your dance pose, improving body flexibility, helping you perfectly master the shift of body weight.
  • 🏋【STRENGTHEN YOUR MUSCLE AND KEEP BALANCE】 – Good for coordination and balance development and endurance training. Also training your muscles effectively.
  • 🏋【8 LOOPS DESIGN】 – There are 8 loops prepare ample room for your feet and you can change the resistance depending on which loop you pull with. 8 loops design, which can adjust different strengths and meet the practice requirements of adults and kids.
  • 🏋【PERFECT FOR DAILY AND SPORTS USE】 – Perfect for latin, gymnastics, full body workout, pilates, yoga, warm up, etc. Good elasticity, long service life, durable for daily training use.


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