Peanut Ball For Pregnancy, Home Workouts ( Purple )


Fitness Anti-Burst Peanut Ball (Colour as per Availability)

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IRIS Peanut Ball For Pregnancy Fitness Anti-Burst Peanut Ball (Purple)

  • The peanut ball has a unique, saddle shaped, seat that provides increased stability, as it will only roll in one direction
  • Great alternative to the typical round ball. Very helpful to support me during planks/push-ups
  • ANTI-BURST 2000 lbs able to stand up to the most rigorous workout conditions. This ball will not burst if punctured, it will slowly deflate.

Peanut Ball For Pregnancy :-

Improves Posture

Peanut stability balls are a perfect addition to any home gym. They allow you to improve core strength, balance, and overall health through a, back, hip, arm and other muscle-group exercises. Whether using the ball once a day for home workouts, as an office seat, or consistently in a gym setting, the Products professional stability ball will retain its shape and inflation. You can control the difficulty of the workout. Stretch and strengthen your spine while increasing your range of motion.

peanut ball

  • Includes easy-to-use foot pump.
  • Improves balance, core strength, and overall flexibility.
  • Balance ball features a center cradle for maximum comfort & support.
  • Kit helps to improve balance, align and maintain proper form during core exercises.
  • Its unique peanut-shaped ball is key to helping engage your core more efficiently with every exercise.


peanut ball


Peanut Ball For Pregnancy

Constructed from durable and resilient high quality material that makes it Anti-Burst Nonslip. Made with thick and durable materials, puts your safety as a top priority during manufacturing. We use high quality materials which provides an excellent slip resistant experience while caring for your safety. Our fitness ball is easy to clean with just a soft damp cloth. Most important, our fitness ball is phosphates free and doesn’t contain any heavy metal elements. These exercises are only intended to be used under the direct care of a physical or occupational therapist. These activities will help you get started. Your ideas for new uses will begin to grow. Please send them to us so that we can share them with other therapists, patients, and parents around the world.


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