Acupressure Ball for Foot Massager, Plantar Fascistic 1 Pc


Introducing the Spiky Massage Ball – The perfect tool for effective massage and muscle soreness relief. Grab a ball today to release tight muscles from around your butt, hamstrings, quads, feet, neck and back.


IRIS Acupressure Ball – Spiky for Deep Tissue Back Massage, Foot Massager, Plantar Fascistic & All Over Body Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy – Your Compact Muscle Roller, Diameter: 8 cm, 1 Pc (Light Green)

  • THE ONLY TOOL YOU’LL EVER NEED FOR PLANTAR FASCISTIC – Firstly spiky Massage Ball is your essential foot roller tool to help roll away those deep muscle knots in the ball of your foot, rolling away that pain so you can go harder – your feet will feel as light as a feather!
  • THESE SPIKES WILL NOT BEND – Secondly the spiked balls are made of durable, firm solid rubber to withstand any body weight. The high dense spike ball reaches deeper into the fascia for tension release and will be your ultimate body massager therapy ball and foot roller.
  • GO HARDER FOR LONGER BY HITTING ALL TRIGGER POINTS IN THE BODY – Thirdly the spiky outer layer gives you a stimulating massage and increases circulation throughout the entire body. Perfect massage roller and back roller for both per and post workout to rejuvenate and revitalize all areas of the body so you can train harder for longer.
  • TAKE WITH YOU TO THE GYM – Small and Compact, this massage ball is perfect for a warm up and cool down routine at the gym, yoga and Pilates studios.
  • ATHLETES AND FITNESS TRAINERS FAVORITE – Recommended by Sport professionals, the porcupine style massaging balls are the perfect portable training equipment for men and women’s recovery. Don’t forget to pack it with your sport, running and football gear.

Acupressure Ball:-

Small and Compact, this massage ball is perfect for a warm up and cool down routine at the gym, yoga and Pilates studios. This acupressure massage ball is not cause pain which allows you to apply much more pressure and get deeper into the muscle which leads to superior physical therapy. Ideal for massaging pressure points and tightness around the joints, hips, knee, calves, neck and lower back. Regular use of the feet will greatly reduce the discomfort of plantar fascias. Also speeds recovery from injury from over training. Physical therapists highly recommend using massage balls like ours (both the smooth and spike together) before and after any type of physical exercise to keep muscles healthy and pain free.

Colour: Various colors available. You may choose as per your requirement.

Diameter: 8cm and 13cm diameter available.

Package includes: 1 x Spiky Massage Ball.


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