Oval Shape PVC Dumbbell For Gym Exercise (2Kg x 2 Pcs)


IRIS Fitness Oval Shape PVC Coated Dumbbells Set for Home Gym Exercise, Fitness and Weights for Men and Women (2Kg x 2 Pcs)


IRIS Fitness Oval Shape PVC Dumbbell Set for Home Gym Exercise, Fitness and Weights for Men and Women.

  • STUCK FOR TIME? DON’T LET THAT BECOME AN EXCUSE :- The oval shape PVC dumbbell set is the ideal personal training for speedy fitness weightlifting workouts at home to target areas.
  • ALL IN ONE DUMBBELLS :- Dumbbell set is our best-selling entry-level multi-use dumbbell set. Making it ideal for beginners looking to progress through a range of motions and isolated weight lifting movements.
  • NOISE REDUCING, FLOOR PROTECTING :- The weight Dumbbells are built from a concrete cement filling, encased in a vinyl coating Crafted to reduce potential noise and impact damage to flooring caused by drops.
  • FITNESS WEIGHTS FOR YOUR WORKOUT :- Strengthen your entire body by using hand dumbbells in your workout routine. Bicep curls, bench presses, and shoulder raises are just a few of the exercises you can use these weights to build and tone your muscles.
  • FAMILY FITNESS TRAINING :- The weight of the hand-held dumbbell is very suitable for beginners and experienced users. Appropriate home fitness training and endurance aerobics. Part of the work of millions of people around the world. Package includes: 1 Pair of 3 kegs Oval Dumbbells.
  • Versatile Use :- IRIS Dumbbells can be used for so many different exercises. Use them to exercise all major muscle groups – from arms, chest, and back to core and legs.

OVAL SHAPE PVC Dumbbell Weights :-

Professional Oval Shape dumbbell nicely finished dumbbells for fitness and strength training of all kinds. These are meant for demanding athletes, for home and club use and especially for professional studio use. For both indoor and outdoor use.

    1. Firstly Premium grade, quality engineered and built to last
    2. Secondly Perfect for upper and lower body workouts
    3. Thirdly Dumbbells are sold as pairs: 4 and 6 Kg
    4. Build muscle, burn calories and reduce body fat
    5. Easy to clean
    6. Builds muscle
    7. Improves core strength
    8. Boosts balance
    9. Provides better bone health
    10. Burns more calories
    11. Increases energy levels
    12. Enhances overall mood


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