Gym Dumbbell 10 kg Price Rs 999 For Workouts




IRIS Fitness Gym Dumbbell 10 kg Price Rs 999, (5 KG EACH)

  • CONSTRUCTION: Firstly Gym Dumbbell 10 kg Price 999/ are cast in solid piece with strong resistance to deformation & wear. The vinyl coat helps protect your floor, reduces noise, and makes the dumbbells easy to clean.
  • IDEAL FOR TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: Secondly great to use in any fitness class or program to tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders & back, including cardio for higher intensity.
  • BEST WORKOUT COMBINING CARDIO & STRENGTH: Thirdly dumbbell exercises serve as both strength and cardio workouts, improving your muscle strength and flexibility.
  • NON-RUSTING ULTRA-LONG SMOOTH HANDLE: Moreover dumbbells provide ample space yet anti-skid using experiences for your hands, ultimate comfort guaranteed; vinyl coated handle keeps you from freezing hands in winter.
  • Besides the development of muscles. The heart and lungs. In-Box Contents: 1 Pair Dumbbells (3 kg x 2 = 6 kg).

Gym Dumbbell 10 kg Price:-

  • Gym Dumbbell 10 kg Price 999/ We believe to provide the best quality Gym & Sports Equipment For everyday workout. IRIS Fitness Dumbbells is the perfect tool in your arsenal if you are fitness freak. Whether you are a beginner starting out with weight training or a professional focused on strength training. These Dumbbells have been designed. To be easy to handle, carry and operate.
  • IRIS Fitness presents high quality Dumbbells Set. A Combination of Gym Equipment For The Perfect Workout. Highly Durable And Long Lasting A Perfect Muscle Builder for commercial Gym and Home workout uses. If you want to exercise comfortably at home. Dumbbells are a good exercise equipment.
  • Moreover high quality vinyl dumbbell protects floors and equipment’s and, ideal for commercial or home use. And unique design. Firstly ideal for home of commercial market and, comes as pair and, tones and amp, builds arm muscle strength and, ideal for light workouts and, perfect for yoga, Pilates, power walking and fitness training exercises. Easy gripping to pick up in hands all our deals. What anyone would look at when purchasing dumbbells is the feel and grip so that they don’t cause any damage to the floor when dropped or kept.
  • These dumbbells are made of PVC and have been tested for balanced. Weight for each level of users. These are sure to satisfy your workout requirements. Moreover dumbbells Set for Home Gym Workout and Commercial Gym or Aerobics. Strengthening Muscles, Improve Core Muscle Strength, Firm and Tighten Upper Body, Shape and Tone Arms and Back. Package includes: 1 Pair of 3 kg Dumbbells.


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