Adjustable Barbell Dumbbell Set 7 in 1 (20 kg)



IRIS Fitness Adjustable Barbell Dumbbell Set 7 in 1 Multi functional Free Weights Dumbbells Set, Kettle bell, Barbell, Push-up Starter kit for Bodybuilding lifting Training Home Gym Workout Exercise (20 kgs/44 lbs)

  • 🏋【7 IN 1 DUMBBELL STARTER KIT】Adjustable Barbell Dumbbell you can freely combine dumbbells plates and parts to form dumbbells, lightweight barbell, heavy barbell, push-ups stand, kettle bell, and heavy kettle bell. Secondly bicep curls, dead lifts, bench press, overhead press, barbell rows, and so on- does all these and more without going to the gym. It is suitable for various beginner different training needs.
  • 🏋【SAVE MONEY TIME AND SPACE】The commute is never fun! Free weights dumbbells set. Can help you cut the commute and build your perfect body. And mind right in your own home. You can buy this all-in-one convenient set. They will take only 0.2 square meters. Stores away neatly into a very small space leaving behind a safe living and work area when not in use.
  • 🏋【PROFESSIONAL DESIGN】Adjustable kettle bell barbell set have an ergonomic non-slip grip with an anti-slip pattern on the surface to enhance friction. And the use of ABS material effectively prevents sweating and slippage. Moreover equip with thickened and deepened nuts to prevent plates from loose or fall, solid plastic barbells that will not break and give you a safe and worry-free workout.
  • 🏋【ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIAL】:- Dumbbell set exterior is wrapped. With high-quality PVC material. Weight plates filled with a mixture of cement and iron sand, safe and environmentally friendly, not easy to damage the ground. Dumbbells are highly durable. With no risk of rusting as they are fully plastic covered. As well as reducing noise and fit for all levels of workouts.

Adjustable Barbell Dumbbell Set:-

Adjustable Barbell Dumbbell why Choose Our IRIS 20 kgs Adjustable Dumbbell Set? Firstly multi-Use Exercise Set: From Dumbbells To Barbells To Kettle bells, You Can Switch Exercise Sets. Secondly a Set Of Products With Multiple Functions To Meet Your Daily Fitness Needs. And Very Easy To Disassemble And Assemble.

Thirdly our weight fitness kit allows you train and tighten your quads, gluts, buttocks, abs, biceps, triceps, legs and knees at home, burning body fat more effectively and create a shapely body. Use the push-up bars to turn the dumbbell into kettle bells or use it independently for push-ups, while a connecting rod for barbell and easy to adjust the weight.

Make Your Whole Body Get Exercise, Shape The Perfect Figure.20 Kgs Dumbbell Includes:-

  1. Firstly Four (4) 2kg Weight Plates,
  2. Secondly Four (4) 1.5 kg Weight Plates,
  3. Thirdly Four (4) 1.25 kg Weight Plates,
  4. Four (4) Rotating Collars,
  5. Two (2) Dumbbell Bars (40 cm),
  6. Two (2) Kettle bell Handles,
  7. One (1) Kettle bell Base,
  8. One (1) Barbell Bar, Pair of Gloves,

Wrist Grip Get in shape with Moreover IRIS Fitness adjustable dumbbells/barbells and increase your strength and stamina by choosing a progressive training designed around your lifestyle.


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