Kayaking Portable 2 Persons Raft


IRIS Kayaking Portable 2 Persons Camouflage Inflatable Rubber Fishing Dinghy Air Raft Rowing Boat with Paddles Suitable for Water Surfing (198 x 122 cm)


IRIS Kayaking Portable 2 Persons Raft Inflatable Rubber Fishing Dinghy Air Raft Rowing Boat with Paddles Suitable for Water Surfing.

  • Qualified Material :- Firstly our inflatable boat is made of durable, soft and heavy-duty PVC material. Designed with heavy duty, puncture resistant PVC for comfort.
  • No Leak :- Secondly our inflatable boats are Designed with highest quality PVC fabric available to ensure  no leaks.
  • Good Companion :-  Thirdly our 2 Person raft is easy to use, the valve can be quickly inflated and deflated, allowing you to enjoy the  water quickly.
  • Easy to Use :- Our inflatable boats fold up when you don’t need them, saving you storage space. Easy to transport and carry.
  • Have Fun on Water :-Moreover take a breath, put this portable raft in the car, take your family or friends, have a pleasant drifting on the lake or a exciting surfing on the sea.

2 Person Raft :-

Ideal for recreational boating or fishing on lakes and calm rivers. The boat set comes with everything you need to hit the water immediately. That resists damage from abrasion, impacts, and sunlight. Letting you boat with confidence even near rocks or logs. So you needn’t take special precautions around or near a saltwater inlet. It has an inflatable floor that’s comfortable yet rigid, welded oarlocks, inflatable cushions, and an all-around grab line.

You can enjoy an afternoon angling with friends. It comes with oars and an inflation pump. Using super heat carbon fiber polymerized PVC, using ultrasonic seamless bonding technology. Making the product tough, soft and extremely tight. Designed with heavy duty puncture resistant PVC for comfort and durability.


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