Inversion Swing Yoga Hammock Aerial Trapeze


Use our yoga hammock and you can promote blood circulation, soothe your spine. It can relax and rest your body and mind completely. No matter you are a beginner or experienced yogi, you can use our air yoga belt to get what you need and enjoy the fun of hanging upside down.


Aerial Yoga Trapeze Kit Body Yoga Hammock Inversion Swing.

  • 【Comfortable】Firstly, Inversion Swing Aerial Yoga Trapeze is durable & cool to touch with a beautiful subtle sheer. You can sit and lie comfortably in the hammock.
  • 【Traction the Spine】Secondly, it will give you a soothing massage to your back or internal organs while helping you to stretch in entirely new ways.
  • 【Safety】Thirdly, it is made of smooth, high strength polyester taffeta. Have a capacity of bearing two people, our Aerial yoga swing always put your safety in the first place.
  • 【Easy To Use】In addition, the hammock comes pre-knotted in our recommended style so you can get started immediately. However, it can be looped around an open beam / tree branch to create a portable hanging point for your hammock.
  • 【Health Benefits】 Whether using it for inversion therapy for spinal decompression or upper body strength building such as using it as a dip stand, the versatile yoga inversion sling is sure to invigorate your health. Perfect for kids too. 

IRIS Yoga Hammock Inversion Swing

It gives you the opportunity to hang freely, providing a helpful and natural solution to relieve back pain. In addition, regular yoga effectively improves flexibility, strengthens, and always puts you in a peaceful, great mood.

Above all, the Yoga Trapeze strengthens and loosens the muscles surrounding the spine naturally, allowing your spine to breathe and heal. The Trapeze works in three main ways:

Traction: The Yoga Trapeze creates natural, body weight traction – the safest and most effective kind.

Back and core strengthening: For dynamic, deep core strength, nothing compares to inverted, gravity resistance training.

Flexibility: Just hang back, grab your ankles and chill out. This is the safest, deepest backbend you could ever do unassisted (and painless). In conclusion, use our yoga hammock and it can promote blood circulation, soothe your spine. It can relax and rest your body and mind completely. Product Dimension: 250 x 150 CM.



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