45 cm Foam Roller


Foam Roller Yoga with Massage Floating Point, Half Round Foam Roller for Calf Stretch Foot Exercise Pilates Neck (Black)


  • 【Portable Foam Roller】Perfect myofascial release tool for CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, Bodybuilding, and other exercise activities. Size: 45×14.7x7cm. Lightweight and convenience to move around. With our flex foam roller, you can do training at anytime and anywhere you want.
  • 【Foot Exercises and Calf Stretch】High Density foam roller with stimulating bump for deep tissue massage, medium hard foam and can replace stairs to provides stretch to arch, Achilles and calf muscles, excellent for daily calf stretch and also for plantar fasciitis.
  • 【Exercising Balance】The foam roller can help improve stability and flexibility and is great for promoting stabilization, core strength and balance. The half round roller provides moderate pressure for learning how to foam roll with less discomfort.
  • 【Neck and Lumbar Support】Great tool for physical therapy. Use in Thoracic spine or Lumbar curve for stretches. Relieves stress on the lower back during massage. Place under knee or ankle can offload the spine and relieve back strain. Or great posture support for sitting in the car or at your desk.
  • 【A variety of uses】 Our roller provides you with an extremely reliable and functional tool that can be used for myofascial self-massage, rehabilitation and as part of Pilates or Yoga workouts and fitness routines for all body types.


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