Ab Sling Straps For Abdominal Exercise


It is adjustable. Ab straps hanging abdominal slings pull up fitness workout. IRIS fitness ab straps hanging abdominal slings abs strap pull up fitness workout adjustable.


IRIS Fitness Ab Sling Straps Weight Lifting Abdominal Exercise Padded Slings- Steel D-Rings Safe Lock Door Hanging-Great for Chinning Pull up Leg Raises Gym Fitness Workout Training

  • QUICKLY DEVELOP CORE MUSCLE STRENGTH AND SHOULDER STABILIZATION FAST:- with these heavy duty ab straps / ab slings / ab workout equipment for chin / pull up bar. Improve gymnastic ability for W ODs with six pack abs. Designed to minimize stress on shoulders, increase stability and arms so you can focus on your core abdominal muscle group and develop that six pack.
  • WORK ON YOUR AB CRUNCH WITH COMFORT AND EASE:- with these abdominal crunch slings due to two height options and padded ab slings. Maximum load 150 kg. Great for developing core strength for calisthenics, cross fit and weightlifting
  • FOCUSED MUSCLES:- IRIS Fitness Abs sling focus from your external oblique to Rectos Abdominal till Tendentious Inscriptions and Serrate Anterior. This compound movement includes Abs and lower back (Thoroughfare Fascia) muscles while building muscular torso and sculpt six packs.
  • ATHLETES PREFERENCE:- Male and female athletes from functional training, bodybuilding, calisthenics and from different combat sports use RD X Abs straps to strengthen the abdominal muscles, resulting in chiseled armor abs. You can perform hanging leg raises, trunk rotations and oblique knee raises.
  • LONG LASTING AND DURABLE due to high strength stitching, work hard to tone your abs with leg raises, knee twists and raise exercises and more. Padded and adjustable for your comfort on the pull up bar whilst you develop your perfect 6 pack abs.

Ab Sling Straps:-

We’re all looking to get a strong core with ripped abs, but getting there with crunches, sit-ups, and traditional. Ab Sling Straps is slow going and tough on your back. That’s why we created a smarter, more effective solution—IRIS Fitness Ab Straps.

Designed for hanging leg lifts, body raises, and other ab-defining workouts. Our straps help isolate your abdominal and oblique muscles so you can get better definition and strength during every workout. And because you can use them at home or the gym. You can start shredding and toning your core wherever the workout leads.

Removable Neoprene Grips
Soft Cotton Padding
Heavy-Duty Carbines

SUPERIOR DESIGN – Premium contemporary design from durable tear- resistant material so that you can workout with confidence.

WORKOUT ANYWHERE Ergonomically designed to fit all standard door pull-up bars, and home gym systems allowing you to workout anywhere.


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