Dumbbells are the first thing that comes you mind when we think about fitness. You can do dozens of exercises with just one set. Whether you are trying to build muscle or lose fat, you are going to need this equipment. But, contrary to common believes, they are not very expensive. In fact, at artecue.com you can purchase a set for ₹199 only. That’s how much you need to spent to start your fitness journey. Things can’t get cheaper than this.

Dumbbells for strength and cardio exercises

People used to believe that gym weights are for men only. Because men want to get more muscular and women want to get slim. However, now this thinking has changed. You can use this piece of equipment for all sorts of purposes. It is not just to build muscle. Many people use it to increase the intensity of their cardio, thus burning more calories. When you are doing burpees or squats, you can have small weights in your hands in order to burn fat faster.

But the primary goal of dumbbells is still building stronger muscles. You just need one set to train your chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs and even abs. If you don’t get time for the gym, a pair of moderate weights is enough for you. You can also have a look at our range of adjustable dumbbells. These allow you to train with anywhere between 1kg to 24kg without having too many sets. So, place your order today and get free delivery.

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